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Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust (CART)

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

  • Complex, age-related, insidious, irreversible brain disorder.
  • Begins as a gradual memory loss, culminating in total cognition failure. Alzheimer’s Disease is brain failure – a progressive brain disorder that gradually destroys brain cells and affects a person’s memory, ability to learn, make judgments, communicate, and carry out basic daily activities. Alzheimer’s Disease is not normal aging. It is a progressive, fatal disease, the cause of which is unknown and it has no cure.

Alzheimer’s destroys brain cells.

  • There 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons, creating a branching network.
  • Signals traveling through the neuron forest form memories, thoughts and feelings.
  • Alzheimer’s destroys neurons, thus also destroying memories, thoughts, impulse control, personality, etc.

Alzheimer’s causes the brain to shrink

(due to the death of neurons)

History of CART

  • 1995: Rotary Club of Sumter, SC, initiated the first C.A.R.T. efforts.
  • 1996: RID 7770 in South Carolina adopted C.A.R.T. as a project.
  • 1999: 1st grant of $100K made to Emory University’s Alzheimer’s Research Center.
  • 2000: 11 Districts, including RID 6900, adopt C.A.R.T. as a project.
  • Fast forward to 2010: 3 grants totaling 450K were awarded to 3 universities in 2010.

Submitting your club’s donations.

Make your check(s) payable to CART and send to LouAnn Medlock.

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