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10842020Sep 16, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroSep 16, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10832020test MetroLiner (2020)Marietta MetroSeptember 16, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10822020test MetroLiner (2020)Marietta MetroSeptember 16, 2019 Metrolinerpdf
10812020test MetroLiner (2020)Marietta MetroSeptember 16, 2019 Metrolinerpdf
108020202019-9-16 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroSeptember 16, 2019 Metrolinerpdf
10792020Sep 16, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroSep 16, 2019 Metrolinerpdf
10782020Sep 16, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroSep 16, 2019 Metrolinerpdf
10772020Sep 16, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroSep 16, 2019 Metrolinerpdf
10762020Club Social Application - type in (2020)PDFpdf
10752020Club Social Application (2020)PDFpdf
10742020How to Apply for Club Social Grant (2020)PDF instructionspdf
10732020Sep 9, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroSep 9, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
1072202019-20 Club Categories (2020)Excel spreadsheet showing club categories as of July 1, 2019Presidentsxlsx
10712020Rotalight (8-28-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (8-28-19)Rotalight (8-28-19)pdf
107020202019-2020 Rotary Club of Newnan Grant Application (2020)Newnan2019-2020 Rotary Club of Newnan Grant Applicationpdf
10692020Aug 26, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroAug 26, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10682020Rotalight (8-21-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (8-21-19)Rotalight (8-21-19)pdf
10672020Together We are Stronger Flyer (2020)RoswellRotary Opioid Awareness Task Force - Save the Datepdf
10662020Together We are Stronger Flyer (2020)RoswellRotary Opioid Awareness Task Force - Save the Date
10652020New Member Proposal (2020)DunwoodyEmail
10642020Aug 19, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroAug 19, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10632020Rotalight (8-14-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight *8-14-19)Rotalight (8-14-19)pdf
10622020Aug 12, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroAug 12, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10612020Club Bylaws (2020)AmericusBylaws for the Rotary Club of Americus dated 8/13/2019Bylawspdf
10602020Rotalight (8-7-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (8-7-19)Rotalight (8-7-19)pdf
10592020Rotaract/Interact Awards (2020)Zip archive containing Rotaract and Interact awards forms and brochuresPresidents, Service Chairs, Young Professionalszip
10582020Aug 5, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroAug 5, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10572020Rotalight (7-31-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (7-31-19)Rotaliight (7-31-19)pdf
10562020Rotalight (7-24-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (7-24-19)Rotalight (7-24-19)pdf
105520202019-2020 Awards Overview (2020)2-page PDF with overview of District 6900 awards for 2019-2020Presidentspdf
105420202019-2020 RI and District Awards PPT (2020)18-page PowerPoint presentation about 2019-2020 Rotary International and District 6900 awardsPresidentspptx
105320202019-2020 Rotary Citation Brochure (2020)2-page PDF with 2019-2020 Rotary Citation detailsPresidentspdf
10522020Jul 29, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroJul 29, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10512020Year Preview 2019-2020 (2020)AmericusThe year in preview 2019-2020, presented to the Rotary Club of Americus on July 23, 2019pptx
10502020Updating Projects (2020)ThomasvilleSteps to update club projects.projectspdf
104920202019-2020 District Grant Project Signage Information (2020)One page information pertaining to project signage funded by district grantsPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Treasurers, Foundation Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service ChairsDistrict Grantspdf
10482020Jul 22, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroJul 22, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10472020Rotalight (7-10-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (7-10-19)Rotalight (7-10-19)pdf
10462020Rotalight (7-17-19) (2020)MariettaRotalight (7-17-19)Rotalight (7-17-19)pdf
10452020New Member Proposal (2020)DunwoodyNew Member
10442020Jul 15, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroJul 15, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
10422020Rotary Club of Americus New Member Application (2020)AmericusThe New Member Application is used as a guide for proposing new members and getting the necessary approvals for them to join the club.Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation Chairs, Membership Chairs, Assistant Governors, Service Chairs, Public Image Chairs, Newsletters, GRSP Trustee, Young Professionals, Silent Auction Form, ScrapbooksApplication, New, Proposed, Memberpdf
10412020Independence Day 2019 - Photos (2020)Marietta MetroIndependence Day 2019 - PhotosNewsletters, Scrapbookspdf
104020202020 Awards Materials (2020)Zip archive of four documents explaining how 2020 awards will work.Presidentsawardszip
10392020Jul 8, 2019 Metroliner (2020)Marietta MetroJul 8, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
103720192019 End of Year Party Photos (2019)Marietta Metro2019 End of Year Party PhotosNewsletterspdf
10362019Rotalight (6-19-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (6-19-19)Rotalight (6-19-19)pdf
10352019Rotalight (6-12-19) (2019)MariettaRotalight (6-12-19)Rotalight (6-12-19)pdf
10342019Jun 24, 2019 Metroliner (2019)Marietta MetroJun 24, 2019 MetrolinerNewsletterspdf
1033Brand StandardsRI Brand Guidlinespdf