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District Grant Supports Jacobs Ladder Taste of Love Kitchen

Jacobs Ladder offers tailored services to children of all ages with Autism, ADHD, Brain Injury, CP, Down Syndrome, Learning Differences, or any developmental syndrome. Their interpersonal Whole Brain Model of Care is individually customized and daily implemented in loving environments to ensure every child and young adult reaches their full potential, no matter the neurological or behavioral challenges faced.

The District Grant awarded to Roswell Rotary and the Rotary Club of Milton funded a much-needed commercial oven for the Taste of Love kitchen. Taste of Love allows students to learn real-life kitchen and food skills. This year's curriculum centered around safety of food, knives, and appliances (stovetop and oven), using hand tools, reading recipes, identifying, and measuring ingredients and instructions on how to clean the kitchen. This is a great way to integrate other areas of focus into the school day, including peer interaction, reading and math goals and generalization of language skills.

A Roswell Rotarian made the Rotary International aprons. In December, the students baked cookies for both Roswell Rotary and the Rotary Club of Milton for their weekly lunch meetings as a gesture of thanks.

Posted by Trummie Patrick
February 5, 2021


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